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Unchecked Preferences

Guest Post

By Rick Packer

This month’s Thoughts from the Field (September, 2022) is written by Rick Packer, my colleague in Atlanta, GA. In the article, Rick talks about the necessity of “setting aside individual preferences to focus on the collective good” within a team. He also highlights some real world illustrations of how team leaders can practice this discipline, based on the The Five Dysfunctions of a Team model.

This is always a tough concept to live out, so I know you’ll find Rick’s article helpful!

Read more about Rick here.

Other Resources

A Legacy and A Challenge

A Legacy and A Challenge

The essence of the model are five behaviors that all great leaders must embrace:

1.     Develop their leadership team

2.     Manage their subordinates (and making sure they manage theirs)

3.     Be willing to have difficult and uncomfortable conversations when necessary

4.     Run great meetings

5.     Communicate constantly and repetitively to employees

Maximizing Meeting Performance

Maximizing Meeting Performance

Ed Eppley, performance manager expert and former Principal Consultant for Table Group, interviews James Felton about how teams can maximize their performance where it matters most: in their meetings.