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At Felton Consulting Group, we believe in the transformative power of cohesive leadership teams, strategic and cultural clarity, and over communication and reinforcement of that clarity.  As a proud member of Patrick Lencioni’s boutique consulting firm, Table Group, we believe Organizational Health is a competitive advantage for companies. 
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The Table Group is a firm dedicated to making companies more successful and work more fulfilling. In order to maximize its results, an organization must be smart and healthy. Smart organizations are good at decision sciences like strategy, marketing, finance and technology, all of which are critical. Healthy organizations create the kind of cultures that take advantage of being smart. They minimize the poisons of politics and confusion, and raise morale and productivity, all the while reducing turnover among their best employees.

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“James has been one of the biggest influences for our company. The ROI on our Organizational Health efforts has been the best of any investment I’ve ever made (that is the truth). If only I could explain the peace I’ve found as a leader by going through this process.”

Arlan Campbell, CEO, Steel Tech Manufacturing

“Partnering with James and Keith was better than I could have imagined. They challenged many of our business beliefs in positive and productive ways. The strategic & cultural clarity produced with them helped us become a much healthier firm. Our revenue and profit margin increases mirrored our organizational health improvements in the following years!”

Ben Westra, CEO, WDS Construction

“Over the past three years, the relationship I’ve built with James has been instrumental in my growth as a leader and in helping me build a cohesive, productive leadership team.”

Erik Twist, Arizona President, Great Hearts Academies


Tailored Solutions for Unparalleled Business Success.

  • Team Cohesion Workshops: At Felton Consulting Group, we specialize in transforming group dynamics, forging unbreakable bonds that enable peak team performance.
  • Leadership Coaching: Elevate your leadership skills with our personalized coaching sessions, designed to unlock your full potential and enhance your business impact.
  • Strategic Advisory Services: Navigate your business’s unique challenges with our expert strategic advisory, ensuring you stay ahead in your industry.
  • Organizational Health Assessments: Gain insightful assessments into your company’s health, with a clear roadmap for achieving organizational excellence.

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An Accountability Mindset

An Accountability Mindset

Guest Post by Keith Hadley In this month's Thoughts from the Field (August 2023), my colleague Keith Hadley (Chicago, IL) - who is based in the heart of “Midwest Nice” - lays out an approach to...

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Helping Team Members Work Together

Helping Team Members Work Together

Guest Post By Andrew Moore This month’s Thoughts from the Field (July 2023) is written by my colleague Andrew Moore (Brisbane, Queensland, AU). In his book The Motive, Pat Lencioni...

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